Animating T_T #2d #animation #hardworknotworththeeffort

Animating T_T #2d #animation #hardworknotworththeeffort

hello, i was wondering if i could ask for some advice. i’m currently a 20 year old college student majoring in science and as each year passes, i’m becoming more and more unhappier with my classes, major, etc. my true happiness and passion lies within art. but the only thing that frightens me is being unable to financially secure myself in the future as being an art major is risky. do you ever feel this way? i don’t mean this offensively at all, i just want to know if my happiness is worth more than a (not even guaranteed) successful future. i’ve loved your art btw and have been following you since back in 2008 on DA with your “fiona” or “IDfracture” art and comics. you’re truly an inspiration to me. :) thank you and i apologize this is so long!
Hello Anon! I feel flattered that you would ask me for such personal advice 8) Will do my best to answer/help you out: for me (like many other artists), art as a career was never really a conscious choice. When i was younger my parents were really pushing me towards a degree in music and were hoping i would become a musician/teacher in the future. I do love music, but i just could NOT ever see that as something i would do for a living. I pretty much knew drawing is the only thing that I would always enjoy. I feel that just like in any other profession: if you exceed in your craft you will make a living. I guess at the end of the day becoming a great candidate for employment basically means scoping out your competition/being aware of what your employer needs and making sure that you have more to offer than your competitors. Personally, i don’t think it’s too difficult to make a living as an artist because there are a lot of different industries that need artists all the time! Mobile games, animation, illustration, graphic design, advertising, book covers, children’s books illustrations, tv animation, various pre-production for live action films etc. It’s not easy, but definitely possible. It pretty much all boils down to skills and knowledge. I only get paranoid when i overthink things, but generally i never find myself worried about that kind of stuff. I suppose i’m pretty full of shit hahaha, but i do think i have enough to offer to secure myself an average income lol. (Which worries me not cause i’d rather be content with an average income, than a miserable asshole livin’ large.)
However, being an artist is pretty complicated and involves a lot of stress and emotional turmoil sometimes (i am only speaking from my own personal experience, but from what i’ve seen it’s also pretty much the same for most artists i know haha.) So that’s the downside. The upside: it’s worth the struggle if you truly enjoy it. There’s a working formula for being an artist: 40% confidence, 40% self loathing and 20% forgiveness. Sounds like bipolar disorder i know haha, but it works! You need the confidence to keep going and feel good about yourself, self loathing and doubt is just a normal thing that is healthy to experience in order not to lose your head and become delusional, and forgiveness is for when you fail so that you can let go and soldier on. 
As cheesy as it sounds, you only live once haha! Being an artist is probably the best occupation, because it becomes part of your job to observe, live, romanticize life and take it all in. And then put it down on paper and create something from nothing. Isn’t that a dream come true? 8D 

Hey guys! A lot of people have asked me to make a tutorial in the past, also the tools/brush setting i use. Here they are! Hope it’s at least a bit helpful :)

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Super late again, sorry guys T_T

Anonymous asked you:

Are you excited about “how to train you’re dragon 2”?

Yeah! Well, kinda nervous because i really liked the first one and hopefully this one won’t butcher it haha. Always skeptical about sequels, but excited nonetheless :)

Anonymous asked you:

How would you describe your fashion style? :D

Erm…. put on whatever is clean? hahaha. Honestly i don’t really know if i have any specific style. All i can say is that the majority of my clothes are black/grey and combinations of black and gray hahahah. I also like patterns like… tie-dye and polkadot and leopard print as long as it’s grayscale. + leather accents and metal accessories. I invest into nice shoes though heheh.

Anonymous asked you:

Will you be attending AnimeNorth2014?

I did not get an artist alley table (AS USUAL….) but might still make it who knows! Will post info when i have any 8D 

Anonymous asked you:

Hi :) your lifedrawings are the best I’ve seen and uhm I kinda super look up to you bc I think you’re great and I want to push my life drawings so that they can be kinda as good as yours, but I’ve been struggling a lot (but still going 3-4 times a week) so I have to ask - do you have any tips? or someway you think that’s made it click for you? do you go after anyone’s teachings, like do you have a certain method(s)/process? I’m sorry if this has been asked before and thank you in advance!! :))

Hi!! 8D thank you so much, you are much too nice x_x I have mostly been concentrating on costume lifedrawing lately. I don’t think it’s really clicked yet, but i tend to have the most fun and achieve the most satisfactory results when i go 50/50 on drawing what i see and making stuff up. (if you were wondering about the more traditional life-drawing approach for nude models and such, i think i’ve answered a bunch of stuff in the past that you can find by scrolling through my blog! Sorry, hope this helped 8) Good luck!

Anonymous asked you:

Have you ever thought about selling your sketchbook? As a pdf or as a full book? Your sketches are amazing!

Thanks!!! I do have a sketchbook for sale actually haha ( but not in PDF format. I am also planning to come out with a new one soon 8)

Anonymous asked you:

Hai dear!~ I saw you have been at the Fanexpo at Toronto, will you be at the Otakuthon? :3

Hello 8) I can’t make it to orakuthon D: I have to stay put in Toronto this summer, so i’m only probably gonna make it to anime north and perhaps fanexpo again (but not 100% sure)

Anonymous asked you:

hi! i really want to start painting with gouache, but i’m not really sure where to begin. i was wondering if you had any tips? or maybe if you could even do a little tutorial?

I’m sorry, i currently don’t have time to make any tutorials D: I don’t have much experience with gouache either, so i don’t think i have any tips to offer. I basically make a sketch first and then paint on top of it as neatly as possible? sorry i couldn’t be more helpful :S

Anonymous asked you:

Your art is a huge inspiration! I love your sketching especially, and your life drawings!! The line quality and weight/movement is amazing. I was wondering if you’d please post more life drawings?

Thanks so much!! ;D I will try to post more of that stuff whenever i have any!

Anonymous asked you:

hi do you know of any other artists who use gouache? I was really captured by the most recent one because it looks so clean and nice and different from other mediums ;o;

Thank you! Umm… i have seen a lot of artists use gouache once in a while, but can’t really think of any that use it frequently. One of my big inspirations for gouache paintings is !

Anonymous asked you:

I’ve been thinking about applying to Sheridan, but I heard the campus is really dangerous D: Is it?

I would say it isn’t any more dangerous than any other place lol.  I frequently walk home alone in the middle of the night, and used to do that through a dark foresty area, and nothing ever happened to me O:

Anonymous asked you:

omfg i love your art sooo much! i wish i could draw like you! do you have any tuts? ahahahaha! you inspire me so much :) quick question: how do you begin a drawing? i usually start with the eyes but then i start to lose direction when i draw the face and the body orz

Best way to start a drawing is with the gesture of the body, and then adding details. I usually start either with a torso or a head 8) (I used to start with the eyes, but learned it the hard way that it gets you nowhere in the long run lol) Also, thank you for the compliments! I don’t really have any useful tutorials, sorry D:

Anonymous asked you:

I was wondering why you dislike cgi? And rise of the guardians. Love your work BTW, your really an inspiration to me. :) please keep being awesome!

I don’r necessarily dislike CGI, just not a huge fan. I think it kills the life and originality of the initial concepts, if that makes any sense. Especially the backgrounds. Also the hyper realistic textures put on cartoon bodies kind of freak me out. Otherwise it’s great lol. I found rise of the guardians underwhelming, don;t really want to get into it though haha.

Anonymous asked you:

Hi Yana, I’m afraid this sounds pretty lame but… Are you open to making internet friends? :)

I always am! :D


….A MILLIONS YEARS LATER, as usual orz;

1) Anonymous asked you:

What do you use to digitally line art and what are your settings? I can’t paint for the life of me and I love how your lines are smooth yet somewhat sharp if that even makes sense lol

I usually use sketchbook pro, pencil tool. I do have a “custom” one, but really it’s identical to the pencil tool, just unlimited in size. (The default pencil tool can’t get any bigger past a certain point.) Hope that helped!

2) Anonymous asked you:

I love your comic IDFracture is there going to be more chapters in the future?

There definitely will be!! Thanks for the support  <3

3) Anonymous asked you:

Ms. Yana, how did you ever develop such good draftsmanship? My sketches are always a big poopy mess of lines, but yours are so confident and accurate. Does it just come from lots and lots of drawing, or were there certain things you studied or practiced? ; A ;

You are too kind hahaha, thank you ;_; I think mostly it’s because i drew a lot haha. Also i’m (..sort of) a neat person by nature, so i always put a focus on cleaner/clearer lines ect. 

4) Anonymous asked you:

Your cartoony style is so cute! I think it’s amazing how you can switch between that and your regular style ^_^

Thanks!! :)) <3

5) Anonymous asked you:

I just received Carousel in the mail today your art is very beautiful. I wonder if your going to make a new artbook in the near future because I love to have more books of your art.

Thanks so much for buying it!! I am planning to make another sketchbook in the near future, i will post up info on tumblr when i do 8) 

6) Anonymous asked you:

Hiiiiiiiii Yana, could you please post the storyboard studies you did of the Miyazaki films but without the blur? They are SO nice, and it’s a shame you can’t really see your work clearly D:>

Hayy omg sure hahaha, i will do that one of these days xD <3

7) Anonymous asked you:

I just discovered you made IDF together with someone else, named Inelle?? :O In all these years, I never knew this!

Yes hahaha! Innelle is my bff since childhood, we wrote some scripts together in the past! 8) 

8) Anonymous asked you:

Hi, I’ve been following you for a looong long time, and have read all IDfracture. I’ve seen some things on your dA about single displacement and HON, but is there anywhere you officially tell those stories? A comic or something? Because I’d love to know more about those :( they seem so interesting!

Ah hearing things like that is like eating cake haha <3 unfortunately, i don’t officially tell those stories anywhere yet, but i am planning and planning and planning for the future OTL;; forever planning. I will try to post more drawings/snippets of info though!! Thanks for the support it means the world to me alskhdlash

9) Anonymous asked you:

I don’t know if this has been asked yet but, who are your inspirations/ favourite artists? Your art is fantastic by the way!

Thanks for asking! 

I’ve recently been really inspired by Cory Loftis and Miyazaki (always haha). Some of my other inspirations are: JC Leyendecker, Arthur Rackham, Milt Kahl, Enrique Fernandez, Marcelo Vignali, Paul Felix etc. 

10) Anonymous asked you:

Would you post something showing your art progression from the past couple of years to now? If you have already would you mind posting a link? I love your art and enjoy seeing how amazing artist’s (such as your self) skills have developed :)

I have an outdated one here:  …’s pretty outdated though haha. I might do another one in the future, but i’m afraid the progress hasn’t been too noticeable OTL;

11) Anonymous asked you:

Is there anyway you can sell Carousel on amazon?

I have looked into it, but i don’t think i can. sorry! D:

12) Anonymous asked you:

Are you a fan of Tim burton’s stuff?

Sure, i like Tim Burton! I admire him a lot as a person (for making it so big without selling out) and love his designs 8)

13) Anonymous asked you:

Can you pretty pretty please post some of your past schoolwork?? They’re almost always on display and It’d be AMAZING to see them again! :)))

Thank you!! <3 I don’t want to repost old stuff on tumblr, but you can see a lot of my school work here:

14) Anonymous asked you:

What do you use for traditonal art?

I use a lot of different stuff, so being more specific would help me answer D:

15) Anonymous asked you:

I know you’re not too fond of cgi animation itself, but are there any movies in cgi that you do like?

Hm…. sorry i actually can’t remember any specific ones haha. I liked most Pixar movies that i’ve seen, but more for the story.I really like How to Train Your Dragon too.

 I just specifically disliked Frozen, Tangled (though after watching Frozen, Tangled suddenly seemed like a masterpiece hahaha), Rise of the Guardians and Brave. 

16) Anonymous asked you:

This is not a question or anything, but I just wanted to say that your line quality is to die for; it is simply beyond gorgeous! <3

Thank you ;_; <3

artwork for ernya!

#idfracture #painting #gouache close up :)

#idfracture #painting #gouache close up :)

Noelle :) #idfracture #art #sketch

Noelle :) #idfracture #art #sketch

#lifedrawing #costume bride! :D

#lifedrawing #costume bride! :D

Carousel is back in stock! :D (at my shop ) #artbook #sketchbook

Haejin #idfracture #sketch #girl #sunset

Haejin #idfracture #sketch #girl #sunset

Action Analysis Assignment stuff from school yep. (Design pack (LOLsoshitty) + final layout)