Neino in 78?

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LOL oh god apparently i&#8217;m not very good at this haha, sorry guys it&#8217;s so boring T_T I will try to make the next one better x)Haejin palette #1

LOL oh god apparently i’m not very good at this haha, sorry guys it’s so boring T_T I will try to make the next one better x)
Haejin palette #1

I want to try this ;w; Ask for a character and number! (but i only want to do my own characters OTL;;;)

I want to try this ;w; 

Ask for a character and number! (but i only want to do my own characters OTL;;;)

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Atomic Lollipop

Hey guys!! Sorry it’s nothing but text posts lately haha… art.. soon.

Anyway, I’m going to have a table at Atomic Lollipop (in toronto) this weekend, and was wondering if anyone is going, or even knows about it? O: 

Sailor Moon reboot

Oh my god, is anyone else horrified by the 3D transformation sequence in the sailor moon reboot? WHYY WOULD THEY DO THATT?!?!?! They’re gonna reuse it in every episode, wouldn’t it make sense to just animate at least that one minute of it properly? MY CHILDHOOD HAS BEEN SHATTERED….. TT____TT 

edit:/ reply to everyone: I KNOW RIGHT?!?!?!

Hi there! I was looking around your blog and DA but I couldn't find a FAQ (if there is one) so here it goes! What program do you typically use like is it photoshop or sai? And what traditional mediums do you use? Thanks!

Hi! Sorry about that, i actually have no idea how to make one or whatev so…. one of these days i will figure it out.
Digitally i work like this:

If linework is involved: sketch by hand > ink in sketchbook pro > colour in sai > adjust in photoshop
If lineless > sketch by hand or photoshop > paint everything in photoshop.

Inking: sketch with either col-erase or regular mechanical pencil > ink with mixture of tiny brushes and dip pens (average brand from any artstore) + winsor and newton inks (because packaging is adorable LOL) 
Gouache: sketch with same stuff, and then uh…. paint with Holbein Acryla gouache on thick/smooth mixed media paper. 

Hope that answers your questions! :)

got nothing but pathetic 5 minute doodles T_T

Pells and Pickle 

More Ronald Searle inspired inks, froma costume life drawing session :) 

Some character designs for a visdev project  from a couple of months ago :) (Based on a russian children’s book)

I had a school assignment where i had to make some characters in another artist’s style, so i chose Ronald Searle!

Then i got stuck on it for a bit haha, so i will be uploading more soon 8)

Hey guys! Life update

Lately i haven’t been active on tumblr at all! I started my summer co-op a few weeks ago, which is really exciting, but also exhausting haha, so i’ve been struggling to adjust and find time to do the things i used to :( 

And then something really terrible happened last week: my cat died in an accident. He has been by my side almost constantly for the past year and i loved him very much, so this pretty much crumbled my world =( I am starting to recover now a bit, and will try to be more active here..

Thanks for all the support, even though i haven’t been posting jackshit, and welcome to all new followers!! :)

Animating T_T #2d #animation #hardworknotworththeeffort

Animating T_T #2d #animation #hardworknotworththeeffort

hello, i was wondering if i could ask for some advice. i’m currently a 20 year old college student majoring in science and as each year passes, i’m becoming more and more unhappier with my classes, major, etc. my true happiness and passion lies within art. but the only thing that frightens me is being unable to financially secure myself in the future as being an art major is risky. do you ever feel this way? i don’t mean this offensively at all, i just want to know if my happiness is worth more than a (not even guaranteed) successful future. i’ve loved your art btw and have been following you since back in 2008 on DA with your “fiona” or “IDfracture” art and comics. you’re truly an inspiration to me. :) thank you and i apologize this is so long!
Hello Anon! I feel flattered that you would ask me for such personal advice 8) Will do my best to answer/help you out: for me (like many other artists), art as a career was never really a conscious choice. When i was younger my parents were really pushing me towards a degree in music and were hoping i would become a musician/teacher in the future. I do love music, but i just could NOT ever see that as something i would do for a living. I pretty much knew drawing is the only thing that I would always enjoy. I feel that just like in any other profession: if you exceed in your craft you will make a living. I guess at the end of the day becoming a great candidate for employment basically means scoping out your competition/being aware of what your employer needs and making sure that you have more to offer than your competitors. Personally, i don’t think it’s too difficult to make a living as an artist because there are a lot of different industries that need artists all the time! Mobile games, animation, illustration, graphic design, advertising, book covers, children’s books illustrations, tv animation, various pre-production for live action films etc. It’s not easy, but definitely possible. It pretty much all boils down to skills and knowledge. I only get paranoid when i overthink things, but generally i never find myself worried about that kind of stuff. I suppose i’m pretty full of shit hahaha, but i do think i have enough to offer to secure myself an average income lol. (Which worries me not cause i’d rather be content with an average income, than a miserable asshole livin’ large.)
However, being an artist is pretty complicated and involves a lot of stress and emotional turmoil sometimes (i am only speaking from my own personal experience, but from what i’ve seen it’s also pretty much the same for most artists i know haha.) So that’s the downside. The upside: it’s worth the struggle if you truly enjoy it. There’s a working formula for being an artist: 40% confidence, 40% self loathing and 20% forgiveness. Sounds like bipolar disorder i know haha, but it works! You need the confidence to keep going and feel good about yourself, self loathing and doubt is just a normal thing that is healthy to experience in order not to lose your head and become delusional, and forgiveness is for when you fail so that you can let go and soldier on. 
As cheesy as it sounds, you only live once haha! Being an artist is probably the best occupation, because it becomes part of your job to observe, live, romanticize life and take it all in. And then put it down on paper and create something from nothing. Isn’t that a dream come true? 8D